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The taste of a real craft pasta

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A family history

PIGI’s pasta factory was inaugurated in 1959, the result of a great passion for cooking and technical expertise gained directly in the sector. Immediately a leading reference for the production of fresh and stuffed pasta throughout the Lombardy Region, the factory has always stood out for its genuine family management, which promotes the conservation of traditional recipes and pays great attention to every detail.

Over time, the approach has satisfied the demands of the most national important brands, as well as local shops and stores.

A vision of quality

Quality control begins at the first stage of the production process, with the careful selection of raw materials, including 100% Italian semolina and fresh eggs, and local suppliers. The process benefits from both manual processing, for product control, and modern technology, for the highest food preservation standards.

Latest generation production lines, continuous modernization of production spaces and in-depth research into each ingredient have allowed the pasta factory to obtain ORGANIC, CE-MARKING and HACCP certifications. We have also started the process for IFS certification for the year 2020, in order to guarantee greater control throughout all our processing phases. For a higher guarantee of product health for the end-consumer.

Craftsmanship that looks to the world

Rigorous craft aspects that distinguish each PIGI product are accompanied by meticulous attention to local excellences, with the aim of promoting the very best of typical Bergamasque cuisine in Italy and throughout the world.

The result is PIGI branded pasta products, keenly appreciated at home and abroad, and our line of authentic, traditional Bergamasque products. The best of tradition, ready to satisfy even the most demanding of palates.